Monday, 4 July 2016

Don’t Put These 4 Things Down Your Drain

Contrary to popular belief, the drain is not a free-for-all for dumping everything. There are simply many common household items that should not be placed in any drains.

• Medication. Medication gets into waterways and therefore should not be placed in drains or toilets. Instead mix medications with a product that will prevent future use (used coffee grounds or oils) and put in the trash can.

• Conventional Cleaning Products. Most cleaning products contain phosphorus and other antibacterial agents, which can cause major damage to marine life. Try switching to all-natural products or try making your own natural cleaners.

• Paper Towels and Cotton Balls. Though they seem similar to toilet paper, paper towels and cotton balls are meant to absorb water, not breakdown in it. Dispose of these in the trash instead.

• Oils. Oils slowly buildup in pipes over time and have the ability to eventually fully block a drain making it impossible for other items to pass through. These oils include cooking oils, baby oils and other fats. Dispose of oils in an airtight container and discard.

Being considerate of what not to put down your drain can not only save you money on plumbing costs, but can also save the environment. For more on drain cleaning in Scotts Valley, visit this website.

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