Thursday, 7 July 2016

3 Signs Your Water Heater is Broken

One of the joys of home ownership is replacing appliances when they break. One such appliance is your water heater. There are many indications that your water heater may be about to fail, but three of the most common are these:

1. The Tank Leaks

As water heaters age, they can begin to rust from the inside out. This process can produce hairline fractures and pinholes in the tank that cause leaks that may be too small to see. If the water coming from your faucets is rusty or if you notice the floor below and around the water heater getting damp or spongy, you may have a tank leak.

2. It Makes Loud Noises

Over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of your water heater. This build up makes it difficult for the tank to heat your water, and it will produce loud creaking, knocking, whining or banging sounds which are a sign that it may be broken.

3. Water Doesn’t Get Hot

The most obvious sign of a broken water heater is that it no longer heats the water. This could signify a broken heating element or could be caused by age.

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