Thursday, 7 July 2016

3 Things You Need a Plumber to Handle

Most homeowners decide, at one point or another, to try to handle at least some of their basic plumbing needs on their own. When it comes to simple repairs to the fixtures or toilet, this is a great way to show initiative, but modern plumbing systems have the ability to develop issues that only a professional should deal with. Here are three times when you really need them.

1. Water Heater Failure

A total water heater failure usually requires professional installation of the new heater to qualify for insurance reimbursement, and often the plumber is not the only professional you will need to get ahold of to fix the issue. Water heaters that fail sometimes leak, and under the right circumstances that may lead to restoration work being necessary.

2. Leaking Drain Pipes

Doing drain repair can be complicated. It’s one thing to clean out the p-trap by yourself, but when your entire house is having drain issues from a leak or broken seal, then it is time to call in the professionals.

3. Drain Infestations or Blockages

On rare occasions, animals may take up residence or gain access to the home’s drain system by means of the sewer. More often, though, a blockage is the result of backed up sewage in the pipes. Either way, a competent professional will know how to break through the blockage without damaging your drains.

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