Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Here’s When You Know it’s Time to Clean Your Sewer Line

Anyone who owns a home has surely dealt with small plumbing issues such as a slow drain or a leaky faucet. These issues are generally simple to deal with on your own. If you prefer to call a plumber, a professional can ordinarily take care of the matter with a few simple tweaks and adjustments. Major plumbing problems, however, may stem from something much deeper such as issues in the sewer.

Tree Roots Wreaking Havoc

You may not know it, but those large trees in your yard or along the street might be the culprits for the deep plumbing problem. Especially typical in older homes, large tree roots can often make their ways into the underground sewer pipes themselves, creating severe clogs. If not removed, your sewer line could be completely blocked.

Clogs Not Cleared by Simple Methods

Usually, using a plunger or using a heavy-duty chemical can remedy a clogged sink drain or toilet. For harder jobs, a plumber will use a snake. When these aren’t effective, you know the problem is much deeper and larger.

Gurgling Noises

It may sound odd, but pay attention to the noises your toilet makes. If you hear gurgling noises coming from it, the chances are good that there are sewer problems.

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