Friday, 17 June 2016

Common Problems With Old Sewers

Living in an older home or perhaps running a business from a historical building certainly has its charms. However, it’s important to remember when living or working in one of these areas that the plumbing in the building may not be as advanced as that in modern constructions, and may require a little more care to avoid costly issues. Old sewers are a large area of concern where old plumbing is concerned, so owners of old buildings should be on the lookout for a few notable problems which commonly arise such as:

• Drain blockage – older homes weren’t built to handle thick tissue paper and other modern goods, so sometimes pipes can easily become blocked.
• Collapsed lines – as they age, pipes are prone to cracking or completely collapsing. This can lead to extensive repairs that can wreck your landscaping.
• Interference – while your old building may be standing tall, so probably are the trees and plants nearby. Roots can squeeze and damage pipes, and old pipes are generally more susceptible to this damage.

Keeping your building in one piece is certainly a good goal, but it’s important to remember the challenges you face below the surface as well. Visit this website to learn more about sewer repair in Monterey and how to protect your old plumbing from damages. 

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