Tuesday, 21 June 2016

4 Ways a Plumber Can Save You Money

Many people are more willing to put up with inefficient plumbing than to pay for service to remedy the problem. A leaky pipe usually equals a leaky wallet, however, and a quality plumber can actually save you money in a number of ways:

1. Catch Any Leaks

If you notice your water bill rising even as usage remains steady, you probably have a leak somewhere. A qualified plumber will have the experience and expertise to pinpoint the leak and patch it up, eliminating waste from your monthly bill.

2. Clear Your Pipes

Drains need regular cleaning to keep them in functioning condition. Simple drain cleaners can unclog pipes in the short term, but the residues they leave will form new blockages before long. An expert plumber can more thoroughly clean your drains, allowing you to go longer between services.

3. Prevent Water Damage

Water damage to your building’s foundation can become catastrophic if not promptly addressed. You should have a professional plumber periodically check your foundation for moisture. An expert will be able to perform repairs and proof your foundation against costly water damage.

4. Upgrade Your Fixtures

More efficient fixtures can save you hundreds of dollars over their lives. If your home or business could use a new toilet or water heater, consult an experienced plumber for recommendations on how to save water and money.

Proper maintenance will more than pay for itself over time. For information on plumbing service in San Marcos, visit this website.

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